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I work predominantly with sculpture and installation, which is often site-responsive. Variations in scale are used to explore physical and psychological spaces in connection with aspects of the human condition, and the associated vulnerabilities that can entail. Resultant pieces are, at times, playful, while at others can be emotive or thought provoking.

The miniature as a conceptual framework has become a focus of my current practice; the meaning of which has evolved over a series of projects. Initially it emerged in response to the conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with the creation of a 1/12th scale model of a care home, conveying contraction in relation to mental capacity and physical space

More recently, in Working Towards a Goldilocks Society, the miniature was implemented to convey a ‘model’, or ‘ideal’. Here a chocolate model village was created, referencing George Cadbury’s Bournville, acting as the basis of an aspiration for a better society.


Currently based in Manchester and Salford, I am part of Paradise Works studio group and a Castlefield Gallery Associate artist. In addition to residencies and exhibitions, site-responsive work has been commissioned by organisations including Lime Arts and Wewiora Projects, and in 2017 I was selected for Mark Devereux Project’s StudioBook programme. Works are in public and private collections, with a copy of the artist book, Memory Loss, being held in Tate Special Collections.

Details of Selected Exhibitions, Residencies and Awards

Selected Exhibitions


Heavy Duty Paper, Division of Labour, Worcester


TIME after [ ( ] ) after TIME, The Briggait, Wasps, Glasgow

Under British Skies, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

Homeness, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, Greater Manchester


BiblioTECH: From Bookshelf to Big Data, The Portico Library, Manchester


When It's Gone It's Gone, A Small View, Liverpool (solo show)

In Nothing Flat, MDP StudioBook exhibition, Old Granada Studios, Manchester
Politics of Paradise, Paradise Works, Manchester
Intimate, Isherwood Gallery, The Old Courts, Wigan
Drawing for Sculpture, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe
Small World, PS Mirabel, Manchester
Strange Little Things, Bankley Gallery, Manchester



Miniature World, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
Process, Bankley Gallery, Manchester
Migrate, Cross Street Arts, Standish
You Fall into a Field, Scaffold Gallery, Manchester



Health Records, CFCCA, Manchester
Thinking / Making, Curious Projects, Eastbourne
Shelf Life, PS Mirabel, Manchester
Open House, In Certain Places, Preston
Unusual Space, 3irty 2wo Gallery, Scunhorpe
This Into That: Found Object Art, Nave Gallery Annex, Boston, MA, USA


Hankering for Classification, TOAST Will Host, Manchester

Extracts, PS Mirabel, Manchester (solo show)
PS Mirabel Open, PSMirabel, Manchester (winner of Process Residency prize)
Fabricate, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield


The Zeitgeist Open, Zeitgeist Arts Projects, London 

Downsizing, Gallery 333, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter (solo show)
Artifice, PSMirabel, Manchester
Hot-One-Hundred, Schwartz Gallery, London



60 Drawings, Bankley Gallery, Manchester


Common Ground Collective exhibition, Bradley Fold Allotments, Manchester

Going Nowhere, Bank Street Arts Gallery, Sheffield (solo show)

Selected Exhibitions Prior to 2010

2010 - (e) motive, Artists Books exhibition, Artworks-mk, Milton Keynes
2009 - 2nd Sheffield Artist's Book Prize, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield
2007 - Artists’ Books, Holden Gallery, Manchester
2006 - Another Product @ Cornerhouse, Cornerhouse, Manchester
2006 - Post It, Atkinson Gallery, Southport
2005 - Collections, Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2005 - Mind Where You Look, Gallery Oldham, Oldham
2003 - MoDArchitecture, The Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, Barnet, Herts
2002 - It’s all in the Text, Stroud House Gallery, Stroud
2000 - Frame by Frame, Mackie Mayor, Smithfield Market Hall, Manchester
2000 - Spoof on the Roof, Chapman Gallery, Salford
1999 - Notes from Underground, Dostoyevsky Museum, St Petersburg, Russia

Residencies and Commissions

2016 - Potentias, Rogue Project Space, Manchester
2015 - MSB15, three stage residency between Manchester, Sheffield & Birmingham
2014 - Process Residency, PS Mirabel, Manchester
2012 - Common Ground Collective Residency, Rogue Project Space, Manchester
2012 - Hospital Artist in Residence, Royal Bolton Hospital, Bolton
2011 - Allotment Residency, Bradley Fold Allotments, South Manchester

Prizes, awards and collections

2017 - Studio Book, Mark Devereux Projects, Manchester

2017 - Prizewinner - PS Mirabel Open, Manchester
2014 - Residency prize - PS Mirabel, Manchester

2010 - Memory Loss - Artist Book purchased, Tate Special Collection, London
2009 - Jury prize - 2nd Sheffield Artist's Book Prize, Bank Street Arts Gallery, Sheffield


Talks and Presentations

2020 - Reflecting the Landscape, artist panel discussion, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk

2018 - 20:20 Pechu Kucha presentation, Artist Jamboree, Dartington Hall

2016 - Visiting Artist Talk, University of Salford
2016 - 'Process' Artist Talks, Studio 20, Bankley Studios and Gallery, Manchester
2016 - Visiting Artist Talk, Blackpool and Fylde College
2015 - Manifest Calling, Home, Manchester
2013 - Artist presentations, Matt Roberts, Alas Gallery


Publications, Writing and Collections

2016 - Guardian guide exhibition review including image of work and mention, 12.11.16

2016 - Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias, exhibition catalogue

2015 - a-n, Art in certain places, news feature written by Bob Dickinson
2013 - axisweb, Curated Selection Prize 2013, Helen Hillyard
2009 - Memory Loss - Self-published Artist Book
2001 - Responses: Intercultural Drawing Practice - LSAD


MA Manchester School of Art

BA Camberwell College of Art

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