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Working Towards a Goldilocks Society

Chocolate, peashoots, bamboo, card, soil, 220 x 150 x 160, 2016

Working Towards a Goldilocks Society was commissioned for the exhibition Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias at Bloc Projects, Sheffield. Although similar to a Utopia, a Potentia proposes a more achievable, possible future, which prioritises ‘human flourishing and environmental sustainability’.

This chocolate ‘model village’ is a metaphor for aspirational ideals, rather than the depiction of an actual place, linking to those of George Cadbury’s Bournville. The ethos behind which, was the health and welfare of the factory workers with the provision of generous gardens and green spaces together with well-designed housing.

‘Generations’ of miniature houses were created over a series of weeks through a symbolic process of tempering (a process of heating and cooling chocolate to an optimum temperature in order to achieve a good quality product) and casting chocolate. This process of ‘tempering’ reflected my personal hopes for a society and environment that are neither ‘too hot’ nor ‘too cold’ but ‘just right’.

Start Where You Are: Second Degree Potentias was a group exhibition at Bloc Projects, Sheffield, following a residency at Rogue Project Space, Manchester. The project was commissioned and curated by Jane Lawson and was supported by Arts Council England.

For more information about the project visit:-

All photographs are courtesy of Jules Lister except for the preparatory drawing.

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